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he tells me 3 days ago he is in love with me and that he misses me

hurt you after you have honestly tried to be friendly to themI have

You Broke My Heart But I Still Love You With All The Pieces Graphic

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Its hurting Again :(

if you love and get hurt love more if you love more and hurt more love

Dance like nobodys watching. Love like youve never been hurt. Sing

re Gonna Miss Me And When You Do, You’ll Realize That You Only Have

it ever does!!! You would have think I learned this around age 3

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me. Honestly, why did that hurt me so much more than when they were

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life is to think that the one who hurt you the most would not hurt you

. you dont take love for granted. And you dont hurt people you

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him. Not sure he liked me. So I got rid of him. It hurt me so bad

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