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It doesnt surprise me that hes back.

It Didn’t Surprise Me,I thought I shot pretty well in practice

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Surprise Quotes

It didnt surprise me at all, It really didnt. (quote)

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It doesnt really surprise me and I hope that what George Best has


It did surprise me to hear that. I really thought and still think he

It didnt surprise me at all. It seemed they had a lot more left in

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It would surprise me if it became a big source (of financing). (quote)

It doesnt surprise me. Its a major tip of the iceberg. It never goes

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It doesnt surprise me at all. Until

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It does surprise me a little bit that were undefeated against some

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It didnt surprise me to be honest. Ive seen him shoot that same shot

It doesnt surprise me that this conflict is coming to a head, given

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If you don’t know me, get to know me

thrill me; please me; surprise me; give me everything i want & nothing

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It doesnt surprise me because my brother is innocent, We, my

me some people will totally surprise you | Anonymous ART of Revolution