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WW3 in Progress - IRAN DECLARE WAR on ISRAEL if SYRIA attacked by US

BE BAD BEING A LITTLE GOOD! learning how to add kindness to your evil

Milan Kundera,The Unbearable Lightness of Being | Eye of Lynx

beaenkes:rickz0r:As much as I liked Psychonauts and wanted a sequel


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You do something nice for a co-worker who turns around and criticizes

Guns are evil! And very little good comes from the availability of a

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sweepstake. Millions of people who have lost the sense of being

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Quotes Against Individualism. QuotesGram

Stuff out of thin air

We All See the Same Sky: The Importance of Being Thoughtful

evil, it’s not seen as bad. In fact, to best understand it, I

Being Good and Doing Evil | Malcolms Corner

dont just read books. I devour them.: Book #26: Hades

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