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Silver Trappings: October 2011

This first tag will be my cover. I have to make about five tags to get

So, here is a reminder of the Before:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Silver Trappings: O Christmas Tree by Mary Carol Garrity

going to make this patriotic taco salad!

To see more great Christmas accent crafts, go to Red Writings !

Rachel hides out in the girls bedroom when she is homeas long as

filled my tiered tray with some gilded fruit, wood fruit and some

am hanging my tag booklet on a window that is hanging in my studio

This is Lexis piano studio. She is a piano performance major in

Library Card Catalogue for My Studio

My Latest Favorite Yard Sale Finds

found this little glass bucket at a thrift store. It sits on my desk

Project Procrastinators: UNITE!

Yeah, told you. Uuuug-ly. Why did they ever make those things???

It would be fun to think that one of the Pink Bloggers would be able

Silver Trappings: My Dream Bathroom

Ok - time to leave your comment! I will draw a name tomorrow night.

This pile is PART of what did NOT go back into my closet. I filled up