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40+ Significant and Momentous Graduation Quotes

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Classes are small (no more than 12 students per class) and are taught

Westville Girls High School (WGHS) Westville, KwaZulu Natal - NetPages

Eclectic Photography Project

thumbnail of quotes Imagine if we were taught at school that work is

Eclectic Photography Project: Day 170 - paper airplanes

framed photo hangs in the clubhouse, along with his red glove.

Eclectic Photography Project: Day 199 - giant roasted marshmallows

and made my feet steady.

Note: I wrote an essay on church camps a year ago, so forgive the

and middle school level, but we have serious problems in high school

40+ Significant and Momentous Graduation Quotes

Eclectic Photography Project: Day 205 - homemade breakfast ♥

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High-school swimming is just so much fun. Its a blast. Its so much