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Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we

My feelings? oh dont worry about those, no one else does. | Unknown

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you every once in awhile and you must forgive them for that

You’ve hurt my feelings, you’ve broken my heart. I gave you my

you feel so special yesterday, makes you fell so unwanted today

once you have feeling for someone, those feelings will always be there

rather regret something I did than regret not doing something.

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You cant stop the feelings you have for someone. You cant lie to

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hurt your feelings. You have like a 2 second rebound rate and then you

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you to the people you want to meet sometimes life puts you in touch

Hurt Feelings Quotes, Sayings, Proverbs and Poem ~ HubBlogs with GADEL

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Sometimes you have to stand alone,just to make sure you still can

Don’t hurt my feelings anymore. I left you my roses and you gave me


Hurt Feelings Quotes, Sayings, Proverbs and Poem ~ HubBlogs with GADEL

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