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Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

The devil made me do it. (quote)

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The devils in the details. (quote)

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Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the devil and the government was

ve done made a deal with the devil. He said hes going to give me an

The devils rejects, even worse than baby sitters who throw the kids

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Devil Quotes

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The devil is a better theologian than any of us and is a devil still

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Its better to stick with the devil you know, rather than the devil

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The devil doesnt know how to sing , only how to howl .

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Any change, any loss, does not make us victims. Others can shake

is the master sin of the devil, and the devil is the father of lies

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Famous Quotes About the Devil

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When the Devil quotes Scriptures, its not, really, to deceive, but

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